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Message Subject Request: Will the Spiritually Evolved Beings Please Stop Feeding the Egos
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I am afraid that the truth of my statement is so simple, it will be lost in this thread of over-thinking and unnecessary complexity.

Regardless of how you have obtained a glimpse, multiple crossings, quick fleeting experiences, or lengthy sustained experiences into the reality of consciousness, it will be there for you when your consciousness permanently leaves your body. The real growth and progress is made there.

The 'here', the 'now', your time in this physical shell is simply a wonderful manifestation of the reality we were all a part of, are paralleled by now, and will return to when our organic vessel can no longer tether our consciousness to it.

Those of you who are making grand and bold statements claiming to be more 'enlightened' or more 'advanced' along the path have completely and regrettably missed the point of the here and now.

It's a shame that in our attempts to reach further into these truths, we have forgotten to appreciate this physical realm for the beauty and manifestation of consciousness that it was brought into play for.

To touch back on the beginning of this post, the statement of truth I referred to is this:

We can (and sadly, we often do) spend our entire lifetime trying to find 'home'. When your time here is over, what experiences and manifestations of your time here will you bring 'home' with you?
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