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Message Subject Request: Will the Spiritually Evolved Beings Please Stop Feeding the Egos
Poster Handle pauldamo
Post Content
Least can i ask you,don't know if you can help,but why would someone receive something they were not ready for,or even looking for,years ago i was lifted involuntary up out of my chair and on to my toes,then hit in the forehead by a hollow beam of golden metallic feeling light,which had a presence to it that started to rip through my body making me feel like i was turning to gold,i think my ego got in the way,as i related it to something i didn't believe in,as my arms were being lifted and stretched out to my sides,if you get the picture,and i said no,and the energy withdrew from me,and my movements went in reverse of how i was lifted up,plonking me back down in the chair,what I'm trying to say is,why would something like that happen,if you are not ready for it?
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