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Message Subject Request: Will the Spiritually Evolved Beings Please Stop Feeding the Egos
Poster Handle WhiteLight
Post Content
muahahah... damned
 Quoting: Least Servant

Tapping into the allegory of their everyday lives works best, yes.

Its what Jesus did with his gospels and ministry

We are so far advanced now. time is of essence, We have the internet and can reach those with ears to hear and eyes to see

Sure there are casualties along the way of the teachings sparking just a neurosis or ego.

But if its ones timing in the natal chart, it will not fail to take root and grow.

Have to have faith it will work out.

Ive never disclosed the final techniques to anyone though, they will discover it when its ones time.

I am going to agree with Illuminaughty on this one LS. I too was told it was in ones own understanding/ability to SEEK and then to find the answers. And yes.. as I have stated for every legitimate Guru there are many charlatans. Chose carefully! My father used to quote PT Barnam "there is a sucker born every minute and two to take him".
But the time is short and it must be said the search is now over more than just space- it is time. We do not have much time and the quantum leap of mankind into Spiritual Mastery must be found and then peace can be achieved. We both know that for some just jotting notes and reading about spirituality does not a spiritualist make. In Shaolin we worked out until we sweated, aummed until we were hoarse then played with Prana balls until we thought we were high.. all within 3 hours M-W-F and oh yes wrote down notes that didn't make much sense then but now read like a history book of the last 20 years. So where then to start with the Spirituality Challenged? I think about this every day.. but there is no harm in trying and some Spiritual Masters have written books, have websites, do audio tapes. All Valid all worthy..it is still for the individual to decide, as it all comes down to Freedom of Choice. As long as we are NOT compelled by an OVERWHELMING nanny state that wants your heart your soul your body and that we can defeat Progressive dribble and throw out NEW AGE babble then those of us that DO KNOW the way are bound by OUR choices to LET IT OUT! Continue to discuss this as I do best when responding to others not so much on the monologue and diatribe that most Spiritualist want you to listen to.. and THANK YOU FOR CARING as that is PASSION and please be passionate. Oh and lest I include that LOVE is of the Heart and the Mind and the pen.. in every stroke in every tap..with LOVE..

[link to www.soul-guidance.com]

I don't know why I found this but it does help in giving some concrete examples and a format for understanding what the path is.. for me it was very necessary I understand Crystal Consciousness I have always loved Minerals and Gem stones and now I know WHY. Every individual is the sum of everything they have touched everywhere they have been every thought they have had.. rejoice in this, as it is our UNIQUE journey that is the secret NOT to be revealed!
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