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Message Subject Request: Will the Spiritually Evolved Beings Please Stop Feeding the Egos
Poster Handle WhiteLight
Post Content
With that said, as a parent, it is impossible to forsake security and thrust my children into the frightening, vulnerable existence I once lived. They do understand there is a far greater force at work than that we percieve with our 5 senses; my eldest sees auras & the youngest senses other dimensional presences. I try to keep them open.
 Quoting: Jane Smith

The Householder should be held in higher regard than even the Adept, as he or she has made the ultimate sacrfice for the well being of another and the continuation of society at large.

 Quoting: Least Servant

Wow that was nice! Yes I feel that my mumly role was most important for my understanding as well. Staying open with gifted kids is most difficult and certainly raising them to be aware and useful productive adults quite a balancing act. I have boy girl twins...24 years old and they are both the greatest joy one can have! I taught them while being trained in Shaolin Kung Fu and having a Professional Career in Film Production. I would love to let other Parents know some of my principles of Child Raising and to be honest should write a book on my experiences. Send me Questions and I will assemble a forum or something.. great idea.. thanks for the suggestion.. to you both! Namaste!
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