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Message Subject Request: Will the Spiritually Evolved Beings Please Stop Feeding the Egos
Poster Handle Least Servant
Post Content
It is through the day to day realization of the nature of the STRUGGLE, that the mind can acheive the peace it needs to give the spirit the power required to make the first infant steps on the way to the permanent relieving of suffering that comes from evolution.

 Quoting: Least Servant

Isn't it kind of egotistical for you to suggest you know anything about Self Realization?
 Quoting: orb

I don't know, is it? Why don't you tell me so you can be the egotistical one here and that leaves me open to get blamed for something else. chuckle

Least can i ask you,don't know if you can help,but why would someone receive something they were not ready for,or even looking for,years ago i was lifted involuntary up out of my chair and on to my toes,then hit in the forehead by a hollow beam of golden metallic feeling light,which had a presence to it that started to rip through my body making me feel like i was turning to gold,i think my ego got in the way,as i related it to something i didn't believe in,as my arms were being lifted and stretched out to my sides,if you get the picture,and i said no,and the energy withdrew from me,and my movements went in reverse of how i was lifted up,plonking me back down in the chair,what I'm trying to say is,why would something like that happen,if you are not ready for it?
 Quoting: pauldamo

This sounds like a spontanous kundalini awaking, which are well documented occurances, like the one described by the poster below.

These can be quite disorienting if you are unfamiliar with the whole thing when it happens. hf

My blinders came off when my pineal gland activated and from then on, i knew i was on my way.....and this ride is just about over.......
Kinda sad that this whole WORLD is simply built on lies and keeping others down so others can use them for their dirty deeds, but i guess the ONE has his reasons .......
But anyway....soon ....there is going to be alot of cell-e-brating going on as many of us graduate from here......was fun knowing you guys.......peace and love to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!blwkss
 Quoting: ParrotinFlipFlops

Longtime reader, first-time commenter: This is the very first thread that I have read to completion. What a wonderful discussion!

Expressing gratitude,

Shine Bright.
 Quoting: zendeviant


It is also worth noting that while almost eveyone will claim to desire spiritual evolution, most people really desire safety, security, and certainty.

True spiritual evolution frequently requires giving up all three of these things, even for nearly an entire lifetime in some cases.
 Quoting: Least Servant

Aren't safety and security the same thing?
 Quoting: overmind

I think safety is the provision of all that is necessary and security is the assurance it's not going to be taken away. Admittedly, I gave into my poetic instinct in choosing my diction for this post over my desire of precise vocabulary. chuckle
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