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Message Subject Request: Will the Spiritually Evolved Beings Please Stop Feeding the Egos
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The problem with that is your judgeing based on your assessment of motive. Ive always been soveriegn. Im descended from a signer of the declaration and two captains in the revolutionary war. I encode my own destiny. Always have. Law is but one facet of technology we use to remain free. Our remedy is tested. We live in a town/community as valuable contributors. I maintain that the system you have known is an artificial reality contruct. Great for you. Ill never criticize what you value and freely contract into. Thats a minor disagreement about what we both value as different. Your comments were callous and judgemental. We've never bought in, were never required to. Im not some tax resister. I pay what debts I lawfully incur. I exist 70 pct outside the economy. I make my own medicine, grow food, wife (not by marrige contract with a bankrupt govt corp) spins fiber and knits. We are both doing the great work.

This is a political posisition for you man. Its a way of life for us. I reserve the right to contract (or not) at will. I realize theres a soveriegnty movement with individuals looking to buck "the system" or get something for nothing. But your judgement of us and our existance was hurtful and dishonoring. And btw for reference I am the one that chastized your confusion of contract law in a commercial system for "social contract theory" as taught by the public schools. So can you clarify that posisition with the wisdom you show here? Cause Im on that page but confused about your words otherwise.
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