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Message Subject Request: Will the Spiritually Evolved Beings Please Stop Feeding the Egos
Poster Handle orb
Post Content
why would something like that happen,if you are not ready for it?
 Quoting: pauldamo

Does not sound like a spontaneous Kundalini experience, but sounds like a higher order being elevated you, or fixed a DNA block, maybe it was time in this life that you have the block removed.

I do not think that EGO blocked anything. On some level you are ready for it, maybe not the mind, and this whole EGO stuff is just another form of attack, and sense of less divinity than one deserves to feel.

Focus on EGO is no different than feeling sorry for making a mistake.

They been trying to understand why Jesus cursed the FIG tree for years. And he certainly did not tell them, maybe he just wanted to. If you are GOD, then something might not please you. Is that Egotistical? I mean you are GOD. You can curse something right? It is not false. It just is.

I walked fully open for almost three months, very intense. And EGO plays no part in it. I was an Adult webmaster with 48 free porn sites during the whole thing. This is games of the human mind the topic of this thread, not of universal spiritual consciousness.
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