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Message Subject Request: Will the Spiritually Evolved Beings Please Stop Feeding the Egos
Poster Handle ctruth333
Post Content
it is through compassion that this is understood
 Quoting: ctruth333

Compassion is wanting the limitless souls of the universe to never suffer.

Love is wanting the limitless souls of the universe to find happiness in their unique natures.

 Quoting: Least Servant

*~LOVE ~*Surrender ~*Acceptance ~*Understanding ~*Forgiveness ~*Patience

...most all have heard something like, "you must learn to love yourself before you can love another." logic gets this; but, the being within you understands it*

we are all in the same rowboat...there are no levels or specific pathways to understanding....there is only what is, and what is, is in the very now...every moment is an opportunity...there is nothing to catch up to or to exceed at or do better in...there is just what is.

we are all in this together...

we all wear blindfolds...finding humor in this helps each other in kindness...in Love*
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