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I'm suggesting that there should be permanent pin on some of the topics that contain too much evidence to be "beyond reasonable doubt".

The best way would be to have ONE permanent thread that can only be modified by moderators that contains posts with links to other threads on the subject (valid links have to, of course, be added by moderators).

That way everybody (new) could get up and running on what's been discussed/discovered before they post their "new" findings, which usually are reprises of old ones.

A good example is this thread.
Thread: Trinity & Mods, I humbly request a pin for this video because it needs to go viral!

If it looks like a controlled demolition, if it sounds like a controlled demolition, if the experts say it's a controlled demolition and your logic says it's a controlled demolition, then let's treat it like a controlled demolition and perma-pin it.

Some of us have known this for years, yet it keeps coming up.
Not that it's a bad thing, just that it should already been common knowledge here on GLP.

And perma-pins should not be based on beliefs or on the theories of one or two nutcases but on hard evidence.

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