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Message Subject Watch: Our universe is amazing!!!! Get lost in our reality! (VIDEO)
Poster Handle BlankZ
Post Content
[link to www.youtube.com]

Now where are the aliens?
 Quoting: BlankZ

Thanks man!! Damn I don't know what happened but I watched that video, got into some sort of trance and I had goosebumps all over my body, my heart rate was going WILD I tell you and I was breathing twice as fast as normal, I felt this amazing feeling of joy and love.. Tears in my eyes.. damn can't even describe the feeling.. just AMAZING thanks!! Karma for you!!
 Quoting: Mindfulnesz

Thank you friend! I know the exact feeling you are describing, as I too felt a spiritual feeling when I saw it as well. It was a feeling of love, compassion, truth, and life. I also had emotions of sorrow and anger.. but that was toward the end of the video when I started thinking about all the stupid b.s we as a spieces are doing to each other.

I'm going to watch the video again, because the words you used to describe your emotions was awesome :)

Thank you for watching the video.. I thought it was beautiful.
 Quoting: BlankZ

You're welcome!

Every single human being watching that video will feel something, a feeling of: Home sweet Home! It is the time! Our deepest desires are calling for us to come home and join the field of one!

I feel you bro, but loose the sorrow and anger, I know it's hard, but to be honest, it ain't our freakin' fault! Leave the past as it is, and embrace the future as YOU want! And because EVERY human being wants unconditional love, then that's the world that's going to be created, keep that in mind my friend! We need to be in total darkness before we can experience the joy of light, we need it to evolve ;)
EVERYTHING that happens is good, only because we are in duality we can put a label Bad or Good on it, but that's the goal and joy, to create ONLY GOOD! At animals happen BAD and GOOD things, but they don't experience it like that, it just is, so they CAN'T learn from it and then create only the good things! WE CAN!!!
 Quoting: Mindfulnesz

I know what you mean, I think anyone that watches this video and probably a few other that I have posted, they will feel some sense of good conciousness. Like the moment you press play and you are at the 30 second mark and you stop the video, you have no heart lol.

I'm not somebody that holds on to anger or anything like that, it was just that we can do so much if we unite, it would be a incredible feeling for everyone on the planet to hold hands and embrace one another. It just sucks, because as you get older, you realize that the world is NOTHING like you expected it to be. You thought there were good guys, and bad guys... but it doesn't just stop there. Evil is all around us, but in reality no one is born evil. It's like the world as a whole is out of sync. Darkness is all around us, we need to find the light, but I have faith, because good always prevails. Like you said, everyone is looking to love and be love.. and that is an unstoppable force. Fear is what holds us back as a civilization, I believe. One day I hope that we all get rid of this fear and replace it with love & strength.

We are the only ones that can make the future a better place for all.

Hope you have a great day friend! hugs
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