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Message Subject I Am John Titor, Ask Me a Question
Poster Handle Merci
Post Content
why are you here this time around and why are you in Japan and what happened to the civil war and what will happen in the next month and where are your parents living now? and how old are you in this time line and have you seen yourself and did you get any use out of that computer you took back and what was the model number?

OK....I think that's all for now
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1382064

I'm here to explain openly and plainly about what is about to happen shortly.

I can provide warnings to all of you that may change everything and allow us to survive and thrive.

Don't you get it? The IBM 5100 is a computer from the future. I put it in the past to change things.
 Quoting: ren1999

Ok we are listening.
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