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Message Subject I Am John Titor, Ask Me a Question
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Here are some general details about the U.S. Civil War 2.
I'll be back here on Friday to answer more questions in detail.

The U.S. Civil War is not figurative. It will happen.

The North African Civil Wars and the U.K. Riots indicate a growing realization that poor people are assaulted by a system that only rewards those who are born to wealth.

Low wages and unemployment are already causing riots in the U.S.

Doesn't anybody know that Obama cancelled all public events during those riots? The Wisconsin State Fair? $10/month Broadband accounts for poor families to keep them in their homes?

Michigan is next. They're cutting off people's welfare too quickly. Unions are rising up in violence as well.

Those of you who consider me a Libertarian need to read my comments again. I'm a Social Democrat. Is this Civil War necessary? Perhaps.

When? Obama is the Lincoln President. There will be a stand-off civil war sometime between 2011 to 2016. At our weakest most divided territorial moment, the Islamists will suicide nuke and rad many of our cities.

This future is not set in stone. But you can see these stones in the water if you look hard.

Turkey is an Islamic state. Is it not?

And where is the Red Sea?
 Quoting: ren1999

Again, why don't you talk like John Titor? Did you watch the Ringer? You think we're a bunch of retards who can't tell the difference?
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