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Message Subject I Am John Titor, Ask Me a Question
Poster Handle T....RIPPPPP
Post Content

Yo p-pop! He isn't who you are thinking of. In answer to your question. Depends. South Park or MST.

I should be in the nines right now. You will get the hint. In this line you and Turtle are here.

You were right all along. About a lot of things. You were doing the right thing. It keeps us safe. Andrew Jackson is gone before the war. I am sorry. But you are the anchor for us.

So glad you were and are who you are. Run silent. Listen.

One last thing. MOOOO.
 Quoting: T....RIPPPPPP 1486767

Ok. What was the name of your horse? And what phrase did I have you memorize?
 Quoting: AmericanJedi

Bill. But he was not my horse. It was Latin. It was a motto of medieval knights. In this symbol we triumph.
 Quoting: T....RIPPPPPPP 1531528

Tell me something specific that I can use as a point of reference.
 Quoting: AmericanJedi

My girlfriend now. She moves in the next few months because her parents are broke. You were right about her dad. And his company is not as stable as people believe right now. He was basically a con artist.

You know my wife. We have two sons. I will not tell you anymore. It spoils the fun.

I will tell you this. I love you and Turtle a whole lot. And even though I can't admit, secretly, JLP is my favorite because he reminds me of you. That should prove to you I am who I say I am.
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