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Message Subject I Am John Titor, Ask Me a Question
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Here are some Predictions to chew on:
Everything I said has come true and is coming true.
I'll repeat what hasn't happened yet.

There will be a cure for AIDS, Cancer and other diseases previously incurable.
People will live to be 90 years old but be in good shape.
There will be a new learning technique. Everyone will become experts in many subjects.

Obama ??? be able to pull it together in time.
U.S. banks are broke.
Moody's will downgrade U.S. credit.
The world will stop buying U.S. bonds.
People's unemployment insurance will run out and they will start to demonstrate and pillage.
Many U.S. families will flee north to Canada.
The U.S. will divide into a West Coast Midwest Nation, A Southern Nation, and a Northern/Canadian Nation.
All will be isolationist and not engage in world trade.
Everybody in the U.S. will be forced to join the military.

The European Union will survive and thrive.

South America and Mexico and the Middle East will enjoy a brief time of prosperity.
The Middle East will develop a laser weapon.
The United States of the Middle East will attack Europe but will lose.
New York, L.A., London, Berlin will be nuked.
Most cities in the Middle East will be nuked.

Russia will briefly become rich on its oil.
Japan develops a rice husk oil that makes petrol obsolete.

China will harness the resources of its western territories and become truly rich.
Japan, United Korea, VietNam, and all the other East Asian nations will form one nation under China.
The U.S.Asia will be born.

Our magnetic poles are shifting causing a great deal of movement under the earth.
People are hearing strange sounds all over the world that indicates this.
This shifting leads to lots of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.
Every year it will get hotter and hotter until we are forced to live in caves and underground.
Many coastal areas will flood because there will be no more polar ice caps.

A meteor will crash into the Aegean Sea.
We'll survive to colonize other planets.

Time Travel will be understood theoretically and a device will be developed at CERN.
It will be incorporated into an anti-gravity aircraft that we have called the Aurora. This craft is based on the work of T. Townsend Brown.
Many time travelers from the future will visit the past in these U.F.O.s

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 Quoting: Merci

wtf does this have to do with John Titor's original comments?
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