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Message Subject I Am John Titor, Ask Me a Question
Poster Handle Lotus Flower
Post Content

Or did it?

Americans dont stand together on issues, they argue and fight than resort to namecalling.

Sounds like civil war to me in a theoretical sense.

Half the country verbally fighting the other half.
 Quoting: Merci

well most humans on this world now only know what the governments media tells them.

none of us knows fully how much has happened in the year after WWII, let alone just say, 2000.

why would you evewr trust anything anyone told you in the

i bet there couls have been a major war and most of you would even care,
after all there have been atleast 4.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1540516

So the people that live there wouldn't know if they were in the middle of a civil war then??

Some people wouldn't even trust what they think let alone outside sources.

Where do you draw the line, is it when you suddenly find you are in the middle of a war because you did not heed the warnings?

Of course much of the news featured in the news has happened, to take the stance that nothing reported is true is ridiculous.
 Quoting: Lotus Flower

well for 1 the rich , who own everything have allready won the "civil war".
i guess , everyone has missed this cause they watch the bullshit media.
i see lot of people everyday on and off the internet that don't understand there has been a "class war" and they have lost eveything.

and dude, please not sence WWI has the "public" known anything about how the government wages war.

if you watch to much TV you'd think war is about guns and tanks.
and there you have all ready lost, what ever war there is.
and ya sorry if you don't see it happen with your own eyes,
it is all hearsay, and subject to personal opinion of what ever group reports on it.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1540516

Sorry you can spill it any way you wish, there has been no "civil war" in the way it was originally said.

The original queries to the OP from some of the posters was "what happened to the civil war?" - it never happened. Which is good - hell, I don't know why I am even contributing to this thread or many of the other subjects on this site - people saying they are time travellers?? Me thinks there is a lot of mental illness on this forum - it is a form of personality disorder brought about by losing their very ID due to watching too much TV.

I am not a "dude" either, I am female hf
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