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Message Subject I Am John Titor, Ask Me a Question
Poster Handle Merci
Post Content

Actually "Pen Name" being operative word there Huh Mark Twain?
 Quoting: Merci

Actually Mark Twain would be betwixt you and a hard place, and seeing that you gave me the fake name of twain, I too shall tarry myself into knowing thou thinkest I have the smartest penmanship, and not you nor your silly john titor godship.
 Quoting: copypoopycat


You dont know me nor do you know who I would back up agaisnt a wall for or worship for that matter. One shows their own wisdom and intelligence by the assumptions they purge.

But I am betwixt at your ingenious attempt at insulting humor and what your assuming nature proves.
 Quoting: Merci

Believe you me, merci, I don't wanna know you thank you merci beaucoup. I'd worship the bed you lay in like all the other poor internet chaps, but unfortunately for me I live in the real world and would rather lay with a harlot that I meet in real life than to expose myself in all ways even nonsexual to a being like yourself. No offense.
 Quoting: copypoopycat

There you go assuming once again what type of "Being" I am.
It is your freewill, you dont need my permission to have a harlot betwixt you and a bed. You would not get anywhere with me in the first place, I dont go Asian.

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