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Message Subject I Am John Titor, Ask Me a Question
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
"Two people is two people. Are you TItor or Thomas? In that thread you said you were Thomas.... this thread you say you're Titor. Are Titor and Thomas the same person, or not?"

John Thomas must be 44 and John Titor must be 74. Born on the same day?
 Quoting: ren1999

I know on the days my own children were born because I was there. For the other six billion people on the planet, I have no idea.

This is your thread, that you titled "…ask me a question." I asked, and you're answering with a question. Perhaps the thread should have been,
"I Am John Titor, Don't Expect A Straight Answer"
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 968278

Exactly. He has already fucked up on this thread a few times. Titor spoke in a particular way...or at least, he articulated in his writings in an exact fashion that set him apart from others trying to fake their way into fame. Regardless, Titor was fake, this guy is fake, and so so many others try so so hard to fool people on the Net and especially....GLP...
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