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Message Subject I Am John Titor, Ask Me a Question
Poster Handle ren1999
Post Content
"Are the Elliptical orbit planets going to affect earth and when?"

Nope. Not going to happen.

"Is it time to bunker up?"

Don't bunker up. It is time for you to move north.
New Atlantis is Greenland. <-- clue.

"When will the West coast have the Big one."

The flooding will be more devastating. The Ring of Fire -- it keeps spinning around. Where it lands. Nobody knows.

"Why is it ok now to explain all things when you claimed in 1999/2000 you would not."

Are you the one that wants to ask me why I didn't avert 911? Ask yourself why the FBI didn't avert 911. I could avert Y2K. I could avert the assassination of the former President. I could avert a nuclear bomb being detonated in New England. But I couldn't avert 911. Somethings just need to happen to facilitate much needed change. Too many of you are very indifferent to the plight of your fellow poor neighbors.

The U.S. of Islam is rising.

"What is the world population by 2013?"

Clever question. 2012 is a movie. It is just a movie.

"Did you are anyone make millions off that Lottery last year?

Are you going to give out more prior lottery numbers?"

I said before I wasn't going to give out lotto numbers. Why would I be wasting my time here to make you rich. Forget about all that.
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