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Message Subject I Am John Titor, Ask Me a Question
Poster Handle ren1999
Post Content
I'm looking at the patent filed for this time-machine.

Question: Is a pilot also a rocket scientist? My specialty is computers and legacy languages. I was chosen for all this for a specific reason.

I'm getting a lot of questions regarding the physics of the machine and time-travel. I'm not an expert. But here is a brief explanation.

Tesla and T. Townsend Brown worked with something called the Unified Field Theory. This is an attempt to explain the relationship between electromagnetism, gravity, time and space.

1.) teleportation of a person from one location to a distant location is possible.

2.) teleportation of a person forward and backward in time is possible.

The U.S. and British military also discovered strange properties of powerful fields while working on a device that repelled sea-mines.

With the human eyes we can see holographic 3 dimensions. We can also see the 4th dimension with the passage of time.

With a picture or video recorder, we can artificially see the 4th dimension passage backward in time.

This is time travel.

a. The idea is to create a solid mass of matter, a tiny black-hole.

b. Then project a copy of yourself within the radius of that black-hole.

c. From within that copied bubble. Your time traveling clone will then rewind the bigger bubble backwards and forwards in time.

d. Because there are infinite possible futures, you could get lost. But you won't as long as you have a reference for your time-line (world-line) on your person.
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