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Message Subject I Am John Titor, Ask Me a Question
Poster Handle ren1999
Post Content
"so if i go back to the "website" that some dude wrote about you and find you said it was the russians who attacked and"

I quote,
"in the opening hours of N Day, the Russians did not launch any high altitude detonations"

"cities to be able to communicate. Most of the warheads that hit the cities came in threes and exploded close to the ground."

There are clues here.

"you lieing to me it would kinda prove your
2]not the same john, ect...."

But why so angry? If I'm not John Titor, if I'm not a time-traveler, then that's o.k. You can move on with your life and leave me here to tell others what I think they need to know about the very near future.

"though, most of the siple minde people never asked

if you were going threw time line stealing tek, cause maybe in your time line you didn't have the tek."

In my time-line, we've got the technology. In 1973, gramps didn't have the technology that was vital.

"wich as far as i can see points to a "time war" between the time lines,
wich, you didn't even have the balls to commet on . when i wrote it before. loser."

I am not aware of any time-war.
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