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Message Subject I Am John Titor, Ask Me a Question
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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U.S. space ships from our near future are saucers. The saucer shape is like a domed helicopter. Instead of propellers, early models used nuclear fuel.

This nuclear fuel will be replaced by a more stable element.

A super heavy element is bombarded to become an even heavier element that immediately decays. This decay creates something called a Tesla Biefeld Brown anti-gravitational effect.

Once the saucer exits the Earth's atmosphere, ion nacelle engines embedded in the saucer send this elemental anti-matter forward into a drum. This creates thrust.

Space is not a perfect vacuum. But since there is little resistance once nacelle thrust begins, the ship can go incredibly fast.

In 2012, very few people know about this. But it is available for anyone to read. Instead of taking 3 months to Mars, it could take 3 hours.

[link to txchnologist.com]

Do we colonize Mars? No. We find habitable planets to colonize. So I am told.
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