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Message Subject I Am John Titor, Ask Me a Question
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
John, am writing to ask about two things.

A. thulsa? You mean as in Oklahoma? Wha?

B. Stock market doom, are we going to decline now like in the Fall of 2008?

Do tell John, thank you.
 Quoting: MIX 1430445

Sure. Thulsa Doom is the black leader who hypnotized Conan the Barbarian. Here is his speech.

"I have seen you! I have watched you! For a thousand years I have watched you! Who among you still fears death? Who will not face emptiness?"

The U.S. and the world economy will continue to decline.

It won't be outsourcing to slave labor anymore, it will be the introduction of little robot arms that are sophisticated enough to do assembly work. And they exist now. FANUC Robotics. That is one example.

Management software means that any human resources person can do management work for little more than what a new hire makes.

No employer will ever pay high wages to an employee again. For awhile, we'll linger along all making low wages.

The only jobs left will be face to face jobs, medical care, construction, police, teachers, firefighters. That's about it.

Eventually people will be just getting credit (we eventually do away with paper and coin money) to live without having to work. Social networking, research, inventing, exploring, living every day like it was summer vacation when we were in school, going to school full time. This is our future. But we've got to go through hell to get to heaven.
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