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Message Subject I Am John Titor, Ask Me a Question
Poster Handle Boromir_sk
Post Content
So, tell me John, will my country ever be as nice as it was in the early 00's (about 9-10 years ago)? I think of leaving it now.

For the last 10 years my country not only did NOT improve, but it deteriorated. We didn't have Big Brother, which makes freaks famous. We didn't have any vulgar reality shows with a predetermined winner. There were less crimes.

Children were not shooting videos of themselves getting/giving blowjobs to put them online.

The Bulgarian pop music was much better than today. Even pop-folk music was of better quality, and it sounded more like dance music. Chalga singers visited only Slavy's Show and most of the time they were on their own TV, while now they are guests in almost every TV show. There were no Bulgarian celebrity gossip sites.

Turks and Gypsies were not as annoying and didn't have crazy demands. They weren't burning Bulgarian flags and such.

10 years ago I never thought about leaving and I loved living here, but I don't love the present-day Bulgaria. I can even say that I hate it. Yes, I hate my own country! It's just not the same country anymore.

Where did that Bulgaria from ten years ago go and how will we get it back? And will we ever get it back at all? Or will things get even worse?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 26141877

You are in good shape. Look at Serbia. Millions Serbs erased and cleansed from Kosovo and Croatia. Thousands killed from Uranium Bombardement. You see, this is so called NEW WORLD ORDER made in US.
You and for that matter ALL OF OUR SLAVIC COUNTRIES, SHOULD LISTEN EVANGELIJA GUSTEROVA , when she said. If we are not part of RUSSIA, we will not exist.
EU Babilonian Whore, and Luciferian elites from US, want to distroy Eastern Europe, in their ever lasting Thurst for Invasions. We DID NOT HAVE COMING OF DEMOCRACY AND FREEDOM IN 90S. WE HAD 1000 kilometers Marsh of NATO HORDS East towards Russia. That is why Bulgaria my friend, is spiritualy and materialy diyng.

Zapadot ne go interesiraat Slovenite, a ponajmalku pravoslavnite. Zapadot gi gleda kako neprijateli. Zato i Ve primija vo EU i NATO. Za da mozad voeno povejce da se stacioniraat do Rusija, i da ja napadnat. Isto kako Hitler.
Ako saka bulgaria DA PREZIVEE , ce mora da vleze vo sojuz so Rusija. ZA Makedonija, Cerna Gora, Srbija ISTOTO VAZI.

Boromir, Skopje
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