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Message Subject I Am John Titor, Ask Me a Question
Poster Handle Tulisanes
Post Content
john, this is not so much to test you, as to ask you to help save lives by the hundreds and thousands, if you can help it.

i have this blog on the marikina valley faultline in the philippines that our scientists say is bound to move soon. there on the blog are the only clear maps available (also most easily accessible) for residents of metro manila to know if they are in harm's way or not(the faultline cuts right past through scores of communities and a large, dense population)! for when this faultline does move, damages to property and lives lost may be much much more, if not equivalent, to the tragedy of the earthquake at port-au-prince in haiti.

according to a study, the magnitude 7.2 predicted for this philippine faultline is similar to 50 megatons of TNT, or “equivalent to that of tsar bomba (50 megatons), the largest thermonuclear weapon ever tested.” port-au-prince in haiti was flattened by a magnitude 7.0. our scientists hints that when (not if) a 7.2 magnitude earthquake hits metro manila, it will be much more disastrous: that while the epicenter in haiti was some 10 kilometers from port-au-prince, the epicenter of an earthquake generated by this faultline will very well be WITHIN metro manila.

the same study shows that the faultline moves every 200 to 400 years. it has already been 350 years since the last quake was recorded.

pls. can you give a warning about WHEN this faultline will move?

here is the blog that can tell more of the marikina valley faultline:

[link to tulisanes1860.wordpress.com]
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