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Message Subject I Am John Titor, Ask Me a Question
Poster Handle TimeMaster
Post Content
Methane explosions.
Waterborne disease.
Snowstorms from Hell.
Biblical trumpets.
E-Voting Troubles.
Romney loses by a historical landslide.
Media polls caught lying about Romney Obama tie.

Thank You for answering my posts as always Mr. Titor. This small list, as well as your "Parting of the Red Sea" quote have been decoded by myself. I now understand what will be coming up next.

My one question for now concerns the current state of technology. Since we obviously lose the power grid, what technology advances do we have to look forward to? Will things like cell phones and tablets still be around in some form or will we, as you previously stated, go back to a community type environment where these things aren't used as much as they are today? I sure do miss the days of community.

Thank You again.
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