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Message Subject I Am John Titor, Ask Me a Question
Poster Handle Clayton
Post Content
Quotations are from The thread: Questions For Titor.

"We don't want to drastically change the timeline. Too many details might do that." I thought that was your mission?

"We think he was murdered by a poster here from Fort Meyers, Florida and a chat moderator. We're not sure." I assume you are refrencing Klaatu, 'here from Fort Meyers, Florida' Your country says Japan..., wait no, i was wrong, Klaatu wasn't introduced yet. Who Died?

"We plan to stay in this world when it engineered to ensure our survival." I assume since you said you wanted to stay here your goal was accomplished???

"Storage is in crystal." Atlantean?

"Yes. But not exactly. I can even tell you what you will ask next." - Why didn't you debunk General Smiley from the beginning?

"'Thats understandadable... when will i get the e-mail?
Quoting: Clayton 23734565 '

'..in 2036.'" Why did I give you my information then? If you said in 2036, I am still alive, correct?

I want to retire my posting on here, If you truly want me to stay, send what you promised: The e-mail, and the game. Explain to my why it is so hard. What? you can teleport a human through time but not a game?

Idol1 < I saw that somewhere recently...maybe it was uncharted 3?
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