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Message Subject I Am John Titor, Ask Me a Question
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
How come you don't use a inernet in your japan?
You still use inernet glp in japan.

Glp is still ban at my glp account and don't have twitter, anyway. I did research FANUC chinese but what is exactly look for that an information Product Brochures.
I has see youtube fanuc but from Japan. Is it right webpage or not?

1)CNC, 2) Servo Motor, 3) Laser, 4) Robot, 5) Robodill, 6)Robocut, 7) Roboanao.

Product Brochures
[link to www.fanuc.co.jp]

[link to www.fanuc.co.jp]

[link to www.fanuc.co.jp]

[link to www.fanuc.co.jp]
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