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Message Subject I Am John Titor, Ask Me a Question
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
hello john you said something about KERRY in a past post and now thats comeing true wow i was unsure at first but now its to close to what your saying to ignore it so i have questions
what comes of texas ? anything good?
is this whole secession movement gonna be anything?
and if you cant answer those please answer this one
what about guns and are they gonna try to make some illegal ?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 20063594

The Kerry comment was a mistake because someone already posted that he was our Secretary of State. I only meant to confirm the name of John Kerry. Will he be our Secretary of Defense? Will he be our Secretary of State?

People asked me who would be the President in 2016. I didn't say, but I talked about Hillary Clinton. I said that she would make a good President but I also reminded them that I said that many would beg her to stay in politics. She doesn't look well. I'm hoping that this time-line is like mine and that Obama gives her an advisory position as he did Bill Clinton. She needs rest.

Assault rifles, and automatic/semi-automatic modifications will be strictly illegal with severe punishments.
Hand guns and rifles will be legal but harder to get by those who shouldn't have them.

Someone recently asked me about the Waco comments and the Fighting Diamondbacks. I mentioned that militia wasn't really in Florida. It was in Texas where my father is from. It really doesn't matter if Texas actually secedes from the union. It only matters that this petition is being addressed by the white house. That alone is historic news and why I made reference to it and to Obama as the Lincoln President -- a President who resided during the last civil war.

My advice here is to relax. Secession will lead to a civil war and that won't be good for our future. It just won't. Instead, vacation in Colorado and smoke some Marijuana or something.

Increasing racial attacks caused greater segregation.

The increased gap between low wage employees and grossly overcompensated executives causes greater Socialist campaigning. You will see.

Through all this, expect more flooding every year. More mega tornadoes. More eruptions. Earthquakes. More sinkholes. More methane explosions. More meteorites. More tropical diseases. More food scares. What is the cause of all this? Solar bombardment? Magnetic pole shifting? The earth entering an active part of the galaxy? Or could the answer be farts? More people, more cows, fewer trees -- more hot farts.
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