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Message Subject I Am John Titor, Ask Me a Question
Poster Handle Clayton
Post Content
I had this weird dream last night. Listen to me, its about john titor, sorta. John has been talking now about how someone will come visit me someday. This is what i remember from the dream: It was 2013 i think. A blonde haired woman showed up to my house really late a night, started showing me all these documents about members of the john titor project. Next thing i remember is that we made out (not really important, just wanted to mention this), next thing was that i was in basketball practice and she had been watching us practice, but now she was different, she was larger than last time, way more freckles and had 2 different sides of her hair different colors. She gave me/i stole (cant remember) something she called a "console tablet". It had a speed of 4g network. Some really bad storm thing was coming toward where i live, i think it was a hurricane, which makes no sense because i live in missouri. Last thing i remember was holding the console tablet and when i woke up it felt like it was underneath my arm.

John does any of this sound familiar? "Console Tablet"? Hurricanes in missouri? Blonde haired female John Titor member? Maybe none of this is close to real and i have too much john titor in my brain...
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