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Message Subject Not only has Elenin slowed... according to JPL... ITS TRAJECTORY HAS CHANGED
Poster Handle Astromut
Post Content
They are manipulating the data. They may be trying to throw us off. If we think it will be three days off, we will not expect it when it arrives.
 Quoting: THE Anonymous Coward!

This is probably true.
 Quoting: Blockhead2

You can calculate the orbit for yourself and see that the dates they actually give are accurate. Your mistake was in trying to use a simple java based 2-body simulation to derive the dates. They aren't "manipulating the data," they even explicitly stated it was a 2-body simulation.

What it did do (inadvertently, of course ;) ) was separate the men from the boys in terms of who understood the limitations of that chart and who did not. I've been saying for a while now that no one should be using that 2-body simulation to attempt to derive accurate ephemeris, it's a noob mistake, but few listen to me.
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