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Message Subject RON PAUL on CNN Piers Morgan Tonight - Reaction to Obama Jobs Speech: 'No improvement for a long time to come' - Sept 08 [VIDEO]
Poster Handle Peteron
Post Content
I am an avid Ron Paul Supporter.
Do any of you HONESTLY believe TPTB would hand over power to Ron Paul......even for a second? NO way. Don't you remember George Bush's speeches about 1,000 points of light and the New World Order?
Ron Paul will not get anywhere near the White House....ever.
We're going to be stuck with yet another Republicrat who promises one thing and does the NWO bidding.......as another of their front men again.

What a breath of fresh air Ron Paul would be. Something too good to be true usually isn't.
 Quoting: Ballchinian

Ron Paul...DA MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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