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Poster Handle lancifer93
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you may think that the white people "tortured" black people during aparthied or that mandela was just fighting for a "better" south afrika but i'll tell you the SA was a first world country while apartheid was in motion until the "kindness" of nato turned SA into a third world country and that mandela wasnt fighting for freedom, he was a communist' terrorist and was trying to overthrow the SA government, he was a terrorist, worse than al-qeada.:
 Quoting: john 1540422

Yes, "better" for whites... duh

Here's more brilliant insight for you. Nazism was better for non-jewish people. American slavery was better for whites. Native Americans were better off before Columbus came.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1144326

exactly, and since more than a majority are black in SA, the OP is an idiot.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1489777

So what? OP is not an idiot, fuck me the reservations in canada/US are worse off then ANYTHING under apartheid.
You obviously know nothing of history (more than 90% of the blacks MOVED to SA to BETTER their lives from their own crud countries). They had MASSIVE ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION...wake the fuck up and stop watching Biko for fuck sakes.

"Duh, hu, saws it on the tell-lie-vision and peter gabriel sayz it must be true"...wow what a bunch of malarkey from obviously uneducated, but highly edufuckated personages. Get oof the net and go to a library..."GET THEE TO A LIBRARY", you know...history books and such. But hey...you've got your own ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION scenario to deal with and WHEN YOU GET BOOTED FROM THE COUNTRY YOUR FOREFATHERS BUILT...you might have the time in a refugee camp to look into history.

What a bunch of bought out, politically correct morans. Send you negative karma my way becuase I don't give a fuck if I'm speaking truth and ya'll spouting Zio-nazi BS Bilderburger nonsense. Good luck, and as my First Nations friends (I'm named) "welcome to the Reservation"....
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