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Poster Handle Anonymous Howard420
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The greatest fear of the Elite is the African continent... You will not believe the lengths they have went to destroy and Suppress the shit out of this continent. Had this continent of people maintained their foothold (which more than proves they were apart of every continent on the planet that the elite "DISCOVERED"). The Elite would not even be an existence. This continent that is ravaged by aids and warfare is the his-story literally every single person has been told in history books. This is richest continent in the world in terms of natural resources... Do you understand that. NATURAL RESOURCES. 100% profit for this continent. The Elite went to America and literally Decimated and genocided to dig the fucking gold out of the earth in the west and turn this place into literal shit infested matrix of pharmeceuticals, fast food, and death.

Do you think these people brought it upon themselves all the diseases and aids.... When the Italians invaded in the 1930s bringing their diseased cows causing massive famine throughout the land... You are never told this and most likely never will.....

Open your eyes people.......

These videos show the elites involvement in destroying the african continent. For centuries the elite have been doing this.

Remember the European Church missions in 1700s and 1800s Trying to convert their religion, and offer medicine... It was not out of the kindness of their heart, alot of artifacts, books of knowledge were taken from tribes and villages throughout the continent... so much of its history is gone, buried, never spoken of that no one will truly know how great the african continent is, and how it has been kept under strife since the beginning of time

 Quoting: Anonymous Howard420

Thread: Uncovered Truth-The ELITES Conquest to Oppress Control a nd Strip the African Continent......
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