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Yes, Apartheid was mishandled, and there were many mistakes when power was transferred over to those who were neither educated nor qualified for the positions they took. But to say things were "better" before Apartheid is a very ignorant and slanted statement: Yes, it was much better for whites, who are a minority here, but there is more opportunity now for more of the population who are black, which is very important. As I am white, I also know that there are many opportunities here for me; I feel very confident in the future of SA.

SA is ripe with opportunity now more than ever and there is great movement all over the country for social upliftment and improvements. Blacks and whites are working together more and more.

Where there is disparity, there is always crime. As the middle class in the US and Europe continue to disappear, and the rich get richer, we will see a lot more crime in once "secure" places in the world. By the way, this same conversation is happening in the US regarding Mexicans, in Austria regarding Turks, in Germany regarding Serbs, etc etc....

If a person is racist, bitter and pessimistic about his or her country, then that is what he will see wherever he goes. If a person is optimistic and becomes part of the solution, then he or she will experience their life in a more positive way. So rather than moaning about SA, I recommend working to make it better.
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