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Poster Handle LHPaul
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I am an ex South African .... I'm white and left 12 years ago

I grew up in the apatheid era, spent over 30 years of my life there, and was concripted to 2 years national service (army) ...

and frankly, I don't give a fucking shit about that dump now, but do feel sorry for the white people who are stuck there with the wrong passports and cannot get out ... they live in fear

most of the white people who could get out, already have, and have taken their families to europe, UK, australia or the US .... ask any heathrow airport official ... even the black people are trying to flee the country and get caught out at heathrow airport

those white people who can get out, but remain to stay there, do so as they are making good money, but I can promise that many have plans and 'nest eggs' in other countries

I recently visited .... the place stinks ... you even have to get your luggage clingwrapped at airports ... the roads are full of potholes .... and many properties owned by white people have electric fences, armed response alarm systems, bullterriers and rotweilers and burgular bars on all windows and doors (god help if there is a home fire)

corruption is rife within the government/police force, crime is the highest in the world, aids and poverty is high, and the country has a baboon for a president who was convicted of fraud, and who commited rape ...

educated white people cannot get work as they have 'affirmative action' .... i.e. they hire 5 baboons to do the same job as 1 qualified competant white person

these my friends, are facts, and I speak from the heart
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1543518

Once again,
Sounds like what's happening in the USA.
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