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Poster Handle nevpfra
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you may think that the white people "tortured" black people during aparthied or that mandela was just fighting for a "better" south afrika but i'll tell you the SA was a first world country while apartheid was in motion until the "kindness" of nato turned SA into a third world country and that mandela wasnt fighting for freedom, he was a communist' terrorist and was trying to overthrow the SA government, he was a terrorist, worse than al-qeada.:
 Quoting: john 1540422

Yes, "better" for whites... duh

Here's more brilliant insight for you. Nazism was better for non-jewish people. American slavery was better for whites. Native Americans were better off before Columbus came.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1144326

no ... better for all retard ..USA sold this country out to ensure they had cheap access to our minerals ... by handing over to black rule they acknowledge its a matter of time b4 the country is reliant on US aid and US companies 'developing' the mining ind or bribing the current sods

but dont hassle ... what goes around comes around ... your country is well on its way to becomming 3rd world up to its eyeballs in debt and > half the population are dumbass half breeds ... haha u even reached the stage of electing one as yr leader

you might be the biggest and strongest nation in world right now .. ever wonder why u have never won a war ?? not one ... its because wars cannot be won on tech alone .. it needs human resources that hv IQ's > 10

eva wondered why yr industry is down ... yr citizens are too lazy/dumb to work ...
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