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Subject My Simple Thoughts On Binary Star Solar System Formation and Tyche/Nemesis
Poster Handle Least Servant
Post Content
The orbit of the planets in the solar system is caused initially by dynamic magnetic forces within the matter in the initiatory plasma state. As the matter at the center begins to condense into a star, due to the combination of increasing gravitational and magnetic forces at extreme energies, there is a strong likelihood that a minority of the mass of the would be star will be ejected from the center at high velocity; this accounts for the high percentage of binary systems discovered thus far.

In the case of our solar system, the mass ejected formed a brown dwarf star with an extreme elliptical orbit. I believe that this mass probably will get at some point close enough to the inner solar system to be clearly visible, but not close enough to exert a gravitational impact on the planets. However, the body might be interactive with the heliosphere, perhaps putting pressure which explains the predicted contraction. So, it's plausible this would be linked to solar and earth cycles as well.

Who knows? That's the fun. cool2
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