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Message Subject My Simple Thoughts On Binary Star Solar System Formation and Tyche/Nemesis
Poster Handle Joshua James
Post Content
so my question is what effects would a powerful magnetic field like the brown dwarfs have on the inner solar system? Can we even speculate?
 Quoting: Joshua James

I think personally that is all relates to the system which generates the magnetic field for bodies such as the Earth, and that is the core of heavy ferrous material swirling around like a dynamo magnet, which is linked via magnetic interaction with the core of the Sun.

So, what I am thinking right now is that there is some magnetic influence from other bodies within the solar system, such as Tyche or SickScent's plasma ribbon, and this changes the dynamics of the core, which would alter plate tectonics and weather systems, at least in theory. afro
 Quoting: Least Servant

I still have trouble wrapping my head around how magnetic fields effect plate tectonics. The plates themselves? Or the convection in the core beneath them? What do you think about the hydroplating theory? If I may pick your brain for a moment.. thanks in advance.
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