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Message Subject Nip's solar/quake thread
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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well, while I was on stereo, I didnt look at cor 2. SOHO shows 2 cmes today (by today I mean UTC time.)

So I checked stereo. The first CME is only on ahead, but to the left (possibly earth directed, as left is center of sun from our view).

The second cme is on both Ahead and behind, so this may be earth directed. Since we don't know where these satellites are in their halo orbits, it is not possible to say for sure they are earth directed. I am not sure which sun spot they originated from, from, OK I am coming back to finish this, I need to take some notes, some times are not matching, maybe there is more than 2.

OK just two. The first CME somewhere around 3 utc on stereo, is on both of them. this cme on SOHO Lasco 2 and 3 was ending at the point they are being shown today on SOHO. First images are around 5 utc, so its ending in them.

the 2nd CME is on SOHO, lasco c2 about 10 UTC, and then c3 about 10:30.
It is only on stereo ahead, but not on Behind, so who knows, but likely not earth directed.
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