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Message Subject Nip's solar/quake thread
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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[link to www2.nict.go.jp]

Please take a look!
 Quoting: Nobody in Particular

I have absolutely no idea what that means! i took a look and thought I was in a 1960's modern art museum... Nobody In Particular... please explain your graph thing... thanks


 Quoting: sway

well today its not the same pic as the day I started the thread.

the magnetic field is around the earth. the "strings " in that image have no purpose as to the color, they used to be white, but folks fear the poles reversed and all sorts of stuff then they overlap. In general when the bx is negative, it means energy is coming in, and the red and blue strings will widen out into "angel" wings as I name them. When the magnetosphere is tightly closed, they wrap around the earth in a ball and they can be anywhere in between. In general they are "tighter" and overlap when the bz is going up and spread when its going down.

The Pressure image is computer based on data primarily from the proton counts and the solar wind speed. Wind speed is just what it means, the solar particles are coming in at various speeds. People get all excited when the color is white, which they see as "hot". Its just a degree of how much is coming in. when the stuff coming in is almost nil, the image fades to blue. IF we are hit with a "blast" the image mage be depressed, assuming a bell shape. You just have to watch and study it over time.

The Ionospheric convection simply shows the spread of the energies into earth's ionosphere, by color also. red means a lot of the solar energy has come thru the magnetosphere and into the ionosphere. This happens with low bz, which means the ionosphere has been "breached" and stuff is coming right on it.

As to the graphs on the right in white under the pressure image, they show the average every 5 minutes or so of the number of particles (mostly protons) coming in to the ace satellite and the wind speed. the ace Satellite is about 1 million miles from earth and orbits the sun with earth. It was put that far out to detect solar energies coming which helps those that are interested mostly in radio and the like, energies which use the ionosphere for transmission. This satellite provides data up to 20 minutes before it hits the ionosphere.

the next two boxes show the bZ and the BY. I don't pay much attention to the BY. the planetary magnetic field use math graphing on x y and z axis, thus terminology.

In the 4 large boxes below the stuff above, this is data from geostationary orbit. These are often weather satellites etc and are around 50,000 miles above earth or so, orbiting I think the equator, I have to recheck that sometime. But they measure energies much closer than the ACE satellite, and INSIDE the magnetosphere. So they are useful in seeing what came in. there is temp, the storms usually are higher in temperature, and the particles/protons on the left side.

The AE indexes also are detecting energy that got past the magnetic shield, there are quite a few satellites that pick this up, it took me some effort to get details on that once, but these 4 graphs "widen" as the energies they measure built up into the magnetosphere and I have forgotten if they pick up ionospheric data or data between the ionosphere and the magnetosphere. When the lines in these are tightly close to the y axis of the graph, you can be pretty sure the Magnetic field image at the top left is all balled up.

I have given links in my posts above to various sites for other data, including the ace satellite.

If NICT is down, an interesting site (as long as ACE is running) is BATS R US. (I write it this way, easy to remember, like toys r us.) [link to ccmc.gsfc.nasa.gov]
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