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Message Subject Nip's solar/quake thread
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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 Quoting: Nobody in Particular

Hey..thanks... do you believe the times when the solar energy is "coming right through" are increasing in frequency and magnitude? If so, could this be causing some people to feel dizzy and sick? Or causing any sort of audiable sound?
 Quoting: sway

I don't really know. I was not following any of this during the last solar cycle but I did discover I began a few years ago to read at spaceweather and then ACE that my body has been picking up this stuff for 20 years or so looking back. I have had periods where I was terribly sensitive to being in the sun and the like but had no idea why.

we have just been thru a very long min, and obviously with the x flares, sun spots and the like the activity is picking up again, but since I can't compare it to older data I really don't know if this is more or not.

I know I have been sensitive to this stuff dating back at least to sometime soon after I moved into my current home which was in 1984. I did look up the more recent years of solar max in the last couple of sun cycles and I did feel there was a correlation between the max's and my body from memories.

A lot of correlation with my body dates easily to 1992 when we entered the photon belt too.

Many people are picking up these various changes, and quakes and the like as the bodies are changing here as junk dna reconnects and people do become most sensitive to what is around them. The DNA here generally, in the human form, was downgraded so much that humans don't have considerably less sensitivity to the soup they float in than the animals. That is changing with the cycles were are in now.
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