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Message Subject Nip's solar/quake thread
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1535447

Shit!! just had a random thought of stupidity.... a day or so ago I saw a thread on here saying the speed of light has speeded up or something.......... now I have seen link above.... what is speed of light has not changed but we are in fact moving closer to our sun more rapidly??????

Thread: The speed of light has increased to 374740572.5 M/sec. Before you jump, investigate.
 Quoting: sway

Not a bad article pretty good for what is released for public reading. Space does not have the density throughout it. the density here IS changing at the end of this great cycle, here and all the other areas of this sector of space that are in, or going to be in, or leaving this particular beam of energy coming from the center of the Milky Way. we have been in this, still in the edges of it, since Oct 2006. this is not the photon belt although we are in it too.

the vibration is increasing and the density changing and that would affect the speed of light, making it faster. I have hit on some ideas, your post caused me to open up a link to my knowledge packet, called my monad, and I need to digest it a bit more, I can do some more clarification. I already forgot a bit of what I wanted to say, biggy headache coming on again. Possibly due to the 30 minutes gamma ray blast that may be the cause of the satellite issue with Dish.

I want to draw me a couple pics, of images i see in my head but don't have an earth english vocabularly for. (which is one reason this world has to adopt and further develop ONE language, so communications can be consistant.)

We are not necessarily moving closer to the sun. That would not much affect the speed of light anyway, it would just arrive sooner, but the speed of light I know is affected further out in the solar system from the sun. Density is not exactly the same of local space as it comes nearer the borders of the heliosphere. Our year has shortened.

This solar system is being moved closed to our real central sun, Alcyone, though, by intend as part of building up this sector of Nebadon, into at least 4d consciousness and lighter density. Everyone tells about how Nibiru is here, it's not, but we are never going to confront it again, partly because we are being moved, it's being moved, and if it stays at the low vibration it is, this solar system will be invisible to Nibiru eventually, we won't be on their radar.

I think if I spend a bit of time on notes and thinking, I can come up with something I can put into what english I know.
 Quoting: Nobody in Particular

with respect NIP... how do you know a quickening in the earths orbit would not affect the speed of light?

 Quoting: sway

We are not discussing a quickening of earths orbit here as to the question on light speed from the sun. The time stuff posted in one of the articles is not so either. time is not speeding up by much, as your clocks are changing by 6 hours a day either. mine change by a few minutes every few months, as compared to internet time on the computer. They are always a few minutes slow.

the quickening is the vibration, much more than the orbit at this time. the orbit will quicken more gradually over a long period and it is shorter than before.

earth's orbit doesn't have anything to do with the amount of time light from the sun takes to arrive. except of course if we are closer the light shows up sooner.

The change is because of the quickening of the whole solar system, the density and vibration of space within our whole solar system is changing. the quickening I assume affects slightly the energy and speed of photons on the surface too though.

As to light speed, science claims its the speed of photon particle movement and that is not so, unless science has changed their description. It is the transfer of energy over the wave length associated with light. Not the movement of actual photon particles. it is the frequency of the wave changing, maybe oscillation is a better word.

At some point after the long stasis and as earth is all transferred over to english, we are going to introduce more accurate words, and begin the changeover to the language of Nebadon, which add great clarity to understanding, emotions, and the like on this planet, a consistancy. Language is not well developed here yet.
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