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Message Subject Nip's solar/quake thread
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The left side of my brain is being tugged, as is always the case when these big ones hit. Weird but very consistent.
 Quoting: Path_No_Logical_Ire

My left side brain has throbbed for 7 days now.
 Quoting: m/walk

have you checked your sutures on your head? they may also be spreading because many folks, are growing a 3rd brain lobe, the pyschic lobe. I have huge spreads in my sutures on my head. I have been pushing this for 2 years now. Many people have headaches and tender and itching heads from this. Some of you are getting your baby soft spots back. Look for them. It's normal as are the discomforts. this stuff is for real. I am a nurse and I do know what sutures feel like and I have felt some other spreading heads in addition to my own.

There is possibly going to be some more symptoms for all of you, I was going to post there was a cme 24 hours ago that is probably a very direct hit halo. It did NOT show on soho images, I back tracked using the search, but it sure did on Stereo ahead cor 2. there were not images available for behind cor 2 but it was obvious on HI 1 behind earlier today. this is a good sized CME and I don't know when it should hit. I was told about it by CM this morning when I was walking home from my coffee with friends. at first there were not stereo cor images up and only the bubble on hi 1 behind. later I confirmed it when they did put up the ahead images, but never did post the behind ones on cor 2

there is another going on now showing clearly on cor 2 ahead and fuzzy on behind. and I will have to check it tomorrow. time for bed. there are no new lasco images to compare yet. when the CME's are on Stereo and NOTHING on lasco, that i a straight hit at us from the center of the sun. stuff coming closer to the edge will usually show on lasco, as do ones on the sides and back.
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