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Message Subject Nip's solar/quake thread
Poster Handle TheOracle
Post Content

I have been wanting to ask you a question for quite some time and hope this is an ok thread to do so.

Do I recall a post once in which you stated you have MS?

Just wondering as I have MS and have had some very unusual experiences lately that seem to coincide with solar activity.

Today is a really bad day - I feel like my head weighs a ton and it is hard to even stay erect.

However, there have been days with activity related to the sun in which I have felt energized...better than I have felt in a long time.

I am not on a disease modifying drug at this time. I had to stop the monthly infusions (my choice of drug at the time) because it sent my immune system into non-existance and I kept getting sick everything from pneumonia to Mono. I was doing really good despite this fact and then right before the VA earthquake hit and then these big solar flares, I started experiencing intense dizziness and nausea. However, I can relate these symptoms to EQ and solar activity most of the time. It never completely wanes and is always present in some way. My ability to focus is way off and vision is out of wack too.

Even if I am wrong about recalling a post from you stating you have MS, I was wondering if you could give me a rundown on your thoughts about the current EQ and solar activity and how it affects a person physically. I am a firm believer in the fact that what is transpiring is working on our dna and feel it will cause all of us to have some bad days regardless if one has disease issues or not.

Do you have any take on this dna re-arrangement for people with disease? I have an intense feeling that I should just hang on and things will begin to improve at some point in time soon. However, the human side of me is getting concerned about my physical symptoms. I really feel a battle going on between my physical and spiritual thoughts.
 Quoting: TheOracle

at this point, hang on. the MS yes, and I got it from the swine flu vaccine in 1976. it carried 3 viruses on purpose, a polio like one that caused MS, and ones that caused RA and Lupus. I lost my cousin to the lupus, he took the vaccine too.

I have had the virus killed by technology from my sky doc, AA Raphael. my various illness over the years destroyed my pituitary gland and I have undergone stem cell transplants to rebuild it and have been off corticosteroids for at least 3 years now I think, can't remember. I still need a bit if I am under weather or do too much now and then. and sky doc gives me a bit extra when arthritis which is inflammatory flares of a special type. I am far from well yet. but able to do this at the computer on my time schedule. I would not be here at all without the help I got.

My thyroid responded first, i was off thyroid quickly but the adrenals depressed for such a long time were another story, and I had stem cell transplants to them too.

I never took any of the MS treatments, other that ACTH which helped me recover the flares rapidly but also had its own toll later. I was afraid of modern medicine by that point. MY being a nurse and watching cancer treatment caused me to become very wary.

I spent a lot of time in wheelchairs and on crutches, and my list of ailments for those that bash my disability here is long and not only the MS. I have severe spinal stenosis and other arthritic conditions, also which is aided where can be by sky doc. but cannot be cured he can only lesson the serious deposits. I am reporting this because of other folks attacks about my being on disability. to you ones who might read this here, I lived for Years in braces and have had about 2 dozen surguries of various types, many to release compressed nerves from the stenosis, and other place., I have undergone two sets of spinal fusions as part of that. Cervical fusion of 3 vertebrae and lumbar fusion, plus other decompressive surgery there. I am not a lazy whatsoever. I underwent also 2 dozen epidurals for the cervical and lumbar stenosis.

Now, i have been thru the dna remodeling and have 24 strands, despite all the other stuff I have. Being sensitive thusly is also confused with the other stuff I have! there are times I wish I was less sensitive in fact because of the physical issues, but it serves me still and lets me help others with same. So I don't complain, I go to bed for a bit when it gets intense if need be. I do now know that some of my stuff I could not explain to anyone, was related to being in solar max twice along with my MS. I learned that just 3 or 4 years ago I guess when I began to follow the solar stuff online. and hugely when I started to follow NICT january 2009, and I could see the images and feel at the SAME TIME! very enlightening in fact.

I personally think it a good idea to not depress your immune system too much, but thats an issue for you and your docs. Its not really an immune depressive disease, the scientists are wrong and this is a great reason to kill off more sick people from their vaccines. It is active polio related virus, at least in many cases.

Did YOU take the swine flu vaccine around 1976? Or any other vaccines as an adult? stay away from the pneumonia vaccine they offer us old folks and disabled folks, it is causing all the diabetes and yes, I got that too and its not fixable. I took the dam thing, twice in fact, when it came out and 10 years later. At that time I was not aware of vaccine games.
It would be likely the dizziness and nausea is related to solar, and also earth movements. I paid some attention to sun locations in august, which I posted in ELq's thread and momma is wobbling a lot and that will often produce nausea and vertigo. I have had some increase, but I asked sky doc to do something with my ears late summer 2009, because the vertigo had become incapacitating at times from the severe wobbling that year, after Jupiter ignition. the ascension and solar/planetary stuff continues to be a bit disabling for me with my other issues.

I have had some focus problems with eyes off and on for a couple weeks and I assume this is related to what is going on. I don't have an reason to believe it has other causes and it's also ragweed season which produces some eye allergy stuff for me.

I am going to send you a PM, You can't reply but I will give you a way to reply to me.
 Quoting: Nobody in Particular

NIP....I had to laugh. Raphael was a dear friend of mine at one time a few years back. Thanks for bringing that back to mind for me. You don't know how fitting that is right now.

Stil waiting for your PM...meanwhile, I did not have a flu shot, specifically did not have an H1N1. I was fortunate to have a neuro that said no way. Specifically I had Mono at that time too...and he did not want me compromising my immune system in anyway. Neither did I and I have a mind of my own so wouldn't have done so. I am 50 so how absurd to have gotten Mono at my age. I was receiving monthly infusions with Tysabri at that time for the MS.

You said " My thyroid responded first, i was off thyroid quickly but the adrenals depressed for such a long time were another story"

Similar thing here. My thyroid issues just started to go away, but I know I am still having issues with depressed adrenals.

Thanks for the help.
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