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Message Subject Nip's solar/quake thread
Poster Handle TheOracle
Post Content
Hey NIP, I'm still waiting to hear from you also!

The solar flares and CME's affect me also, all of the different symptoms. I am an earth sensitive.
I have peripheral neuropathies and MS symptoms, my legs just give out. My disabling injuries were caused by cumulative chemical injuries living in Louisiana with all of the crop dusting and oil industry and a sick building doing my downfall, all medically tested and documented.

I also had all of the vaccines in the 60's, probably the contaminated ones. A lot of my friends and other chemically injured folks I know also had the childhood vaccines. A lot also have the degenerating peripheral neuropathies and MS symptoms. I had the added vaccines for living overseas in Singapore in the early 70's. I will never forget how ill and painful those vaccines were, thyphus, thyphoid, diptheria and cholera. I could not lift my arms and hurt for over a week.

The flares and geomagnetic storms affect me the most. I can hear and feel them when I lie down to sleep, so damn loud! I feel every earth wobble, 24/7.....the only relief from it is when riding in the car! Have to be extra careful to allow for the earth wobble so as not to fall. Lots of pressure and ear pitch changes too!


 Quoting: Ozark

Ozark, you are not alone. Since the Virgina quake, I don't feel like I've had a day without having some sort of phyical sensation from earth changes and movements. Even though I don't tolerate them well, I feel somewhat blessed that I have a built in warning system.

It's strange sometimes but I try to go with it as best I can.

My dad died 4 years ago. Occasionally he comes back to see me..mostly to tell me important things that he feels I need to know.

Three months ago he kept popping in and telling me about the Luray, VA area. I thought he was directing me an area that had caves for times when some think that is needed, so I decided to take a trip there. I was there the Friday - Sunday prior to the VA earthquake.

I went to Luray caverns and had the most awesome experience. Seems what he wanted to let me know what not to go to that place of fear if the solar issues actually happen. His message in the end was to get my fear under control and just go with whatever is happening, rather than listening to the people who are preparing to retreat to caves. The biggest part of his message was that the upcoming events were not to be feared and instead welcomed. It was far more complicated than that, but this is the idea of what I learned from my trip. It was all wrapped around the fear that can be experienced due to my sensitivities to these changes and the fear that can come with knowing what was coming.
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