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Message Subject Nip's solar/quake thread
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

Thanks for the PM.

Yes, I can make that request, but I really appreciate that you would have done so for me.

I think the point was for you to give me that nudge and reminder....mission accomplished and I thank you very much.

I think I am so very tired and was looking for some sort of confirmation that the DNA changes would make all the physical ailments magically go away. I have so little time to focus on the the work that goes with these energies and have a hard time being clear that things are transpiring in my life just the way the need to.

Everything is changing very quickly, sometimes it's hard to keep up with it all.

Again, thank you for posting these things. I appreciate your input/posts.

Peace and Light to you.
 Quoting: TheOracle

well my dna hooking up didn't seem to do much for the arthritis, ms etc and confused the situation, as way back then I didn't know yet very consciously about the process going on. It was my guide and soul mate Tom (who is not incarnate with me this life) in fact who started coming around a lot and giving me an education about it. He sent me to the book store to check some reading and he was the one who coined my term "ascension syndrome", not me.
 Quoting: Nobody in Particular

Yes it hasn't done much for me either in the physical way, yet there have been a few days when I have felt energized in an odd way. Something I don't experience often so it is very easy to pinpoint when it happens.

I actually had symptoms of MS way back to my early 20's but they were minor, except for the major bladder issues that always plagued me since then. MS really reared it's ugly head on me during a time in which I was doing a lot of healing and teaching. I think that spiritual energy enters the chakras and comes though the nervous system in order to come into your consciousness. I believe I was vert zealous about channeling and did not concern myself with protection.

It's my thought anyway. I think the MS was there long before I started my spiritual journey...just that the practices I did NOT use were hard on my physical body and hence MS was able to come out in full force.

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