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Message Subject Nip's solar/quake thread
Poster Handle Horusinsun
Post Content
BTW India has got a nice 6.8 plus a smaller quake on Iris atm, what has been interesting for me is the timing of the Vanuatu Quakes recently and also the ones that hit off Japan, in non linear terms, are these the one quake manifesting as obviously movement occours? To me it seems, that they start at a depth and concentricly move upward thru the earths crust.

Also the pulses coming in from the Suns atm, it was mentioned that electrums are graded as unprogrammable or are usually "junk" if you like, how do photons and electrums counter act each other? It is in my understanding thaht the photon is a programmed light quotent and the electrum is merely a free radical if you will. Does this mean that the photons will either clear or gobble electrums similar to how the golden nebula as talked about by Sananda Germain is gobbling up electrums in the greater local universe, is this the function of photons through the field? Sounds a bit scattered I know but hopefully you can help make some sense of this and have a lovely day Nobody in Particular!
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