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Message Subject Nip's solar/quake thread
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Ok from yesterday. I don't think after I did this I found any more unposted stuff. Not sure if I will bother today, depends of what is showing up there. I post these in ELQs thread and then move it here.

well I can tell, its a day to keep track of the unreported on usgs, seem some already just on skimming EMSC

for starters if I dont find it there, there's a report in my own thread of a 4.5 in queensland australia. when I don't know.

OK LINK to glp thread on the australia quake. Thread: Earthquake followed by loud rumbling in Northern Australia.

19:05 utc 36.69 N 70.93 E 63km mb 4.3 HINDU KUSH REGION, AFGHANISTAN

18:35 utc 30.00 N 82.57 W 25km mb 4.8 FLORIDA-GEORGIA BORDER REGION

18:34 utc 18.69 N 85.48 W 25km mb 4.8 EAST OF THE YUCATAN PENINSULA

18:32 utc 42.76 N 139.94 E 33km mb 5.3 HOKKAIDO, JAPAN REGION (this one is so far from the other one post at that time it seems separate)

12:47utc 48.30 N 29.10 E 20 km Mw 5.9 UKRAINE

12:42utc 41.29 N 80.56 E 25km mb 5.2 SOUTHERN XINJIANG, CHINA

12:38utc 4.55 S 79.25 E 33km mb 5.5 SOUTH INDIAN OCEAN

11:02 utc 50.02 N 156.13 E 100km mb 4.0 KURIL ISLANDS

8;26utc 37.15 N 14.35 W 10km mb 4.8 AZORES-CAPE ST. VINCENT RIDGE

7:14utc 60.76 N 49.91 E 33km mb 5.0 NORTHWESTERN RUSSIA

6:27utc 7.56 S 43.17 E 33km mb 5.2 EAST OF TANZANIA

2:47 utc 36.81 N 82.60 E 1 mb 4.2 SOUTHERN XINJIANG, CHINA

00:48utc 57.46 N 27.38 E 100km mb 5.1 ESTONIA-LATVIA-RUSSIA BORDER REG

per usual I will edit and update this.
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