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Message Subject Nip's solar/quake thread
Poster Handle Horusinsun
Post Content
Thanks for posting these missing quakes Nobody in Particular, I was up late last night as I usually do watching monitoring programs, interesting bunch of sunspots on spaceweather yesterday, looking at the current realtime data on the field, I have seen the field in this position before and have a feeling that when it is like it is now, we get some jolts deep in the earth, its 2:16pm, and I have just gotten up, its warm again here in the Southern region of Australia, birds a chirpping and my cats seem nice and stable today.

Being a recent addition to this state, I have gotten to know the locals, and apparently we get eqs here is Tasmania all the time, roughly two weeks ago, I was having a smoke on the back porch and felt a decent tremor through my feet, being a sensitive as well I can feel these quakes sometime when I'm on my game so to speak, the vibrations over the last week were quite strong, whom I have grown to after CME that arrived, I do get instructed to lay down alot by guides so to process the infromation from these events as well as to centre myself...........Mother Eartrh is an incredible being whom I have quite an affection for, I am not into doom and gllom, but am absolutely fascinated by Eqs, Volcanoes and the like, its something you do experience everyday above the mundane, which I must clean my house !
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