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Message Subject Nip's solar/quake thread
Poster Handle Horusinsun
Post Content
Just got out of bed and had a look at Nict, there is a density spike that shoots up out of what it seems to me relativly stable density, then it drops of, as of late I have been noticing pulses through the field, which indeed raises the vibration, including raising myself out of old thought patterns, it is interesting to note about the polar shift of this age, according to the masters, the one we were actively engauaged in didnt pose well for the mass consciousness of the planet, in fact we back step back then, around the fall of Atlantis when the race from Mars in a projected time flux entered this world via the vortexes and ended building machinery that pulled open dimensional reality. There has been much work done on reversing the polarity of those vortexes which most of humanity would forget, that makes this current activity all the more exciting and incredible, as past problems will finally be able to be fixed.

On spaceweather, they are reporting via a cool movie that a CME is heading for Mercury within the next day or so, and Earth is to be glanced by another that was generated in the previous weeks, I am not too sure on the accuracy of this information, however they are saying that 22nd of Sept is when it is to arrive. Today there is also 40 per cent chance of M flares as well as Nasa reprting sunspots 1305, 1295, 1296 " Crackling" with C flares.

Also in news local, Monday was a glorious day with not much cloud activity here. At around 10pm the winds suddenly pick up quite dramatically and we had a spawned thunderstorm much to my delight. Certain friends have been reporting the possibilty of storms manifesting suddenly during this time due to the nature of the ionosphere which is going to be quite interesting.

Well enough from me for now........catch you all soon!
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